technical consultants

About us


Our Mission Support Experts are multi-skilled. This quality is essential for operational environments. Information Technology, and Communications, Security and Intelligence specialists are the elite of the market.




Technical Consultant staff are all trained in Hazardous Environments and have certified achievements by internationally recognised training facilities.



Technical Consultancy was setup by David Pickering following many years of services to the UK FCO and European Union External Action Service. David has over 14 years of foreign service and has served in many military and conflict zone environments including Afghanistan and Iraq.


          echnical Consultants are specialists with many years of experience in conflict and post-conflict areas.

Our experts have served in organisations including United Nations, European Union, OSCE, Nato, ICRC, NGOs and their home Governement's foreign services.

The background of our experts are Operational, Mission Support and Logistical with many serving in multiple roles.


Technical Consultancy was setup to overcome the oversight of many organisations deploying missions with experts that have little on-the-ground experience. Our experts are proven in their field and have successful mission experience in some of the most dangerous countries in the world.


Many organisations recruit via agencies which base their filtering and assesment on how many key words are in resumes. Our philosphy is to engage only qualified experts with proven experience and background.